About Precog Ventures

Who we are

Precog Ventures is a Venture company which aligns the interests of its associated companies in order for them to deliver the best results. It also provides the resources for their growth and development.

The members of our team are experienced professionals who you can rely on to help grow and improve your business. They have acquired the knowledge and the skills to be able to confidently envision your path to success.

What we value

Above anything else we value innovation, strategic thinking, fast decision making, consistency, and our unique approach to business development.

We strive to constantly bring innovation to the table and to achieve excellence in all we do. The final goal is to deliver value to our associated companies, bearing in mind the long term profitability of each individual operation.

We value strategic thinking focused on real business opportunities to allow your company to stand out among competitors. Furthermore, we help the business to stay relevant in our fast-paced wold.

Fast decision skills are imperative in an environment where it is necessary to take risks and test new business ventures. In this dimension business experience is extremely beneficial to achieve positive results.

Consistent growth is essential for a business to be successful. We believe business growth and high returns typically result from a pragmatic approach to day to day challenges.

What we do

Precog Ventures partners with already established companies which have the ambition of increasing their rhythm of growth. The company works with other entrepreneurs, who want to rethink their business model, with the aim of improving their daily operations. Our work is dedicated to propelling, small to medium, businesses which already have a market presence and to accelerate their growth.

We adapt and prepare companies for a new market demand with the goal of creating a competitive advantage. By differentiating their business from others, they will be one step closer to market leadership in their area.

We provide access to a wide range of partnerships and experienced professionals in several different areas, such as sales, logistics, marketing, etc. This will enlarge the companies network which is essential to be successful in future initiatives.

We launch initiatives from scratch, based in market opportunities identified at a global scale. We focus in delivering rapid results while still envisioning where else we can take you company.

Other services provided: Support of organizations at C-Level in all dimensions

Our strategy

We achieve business growth by:

  • delivering continuous wins;
  • building a corporate culture focused in differentiating itself in its market;
  • leading change in order to capitalize in new market trends and opportunities generated by the digital innovations.

To help your company obtain these goals, we offer expert advisory services, business support and provide financing when needed.

We guide businesses in the journey to excellence in the digital world.




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